The Estate is a renowned destination for the sporting man and woman. The hills roam with red deer for the stalker; the rivers and loch teem with trout and salmon for the fisherman; and the woods and fields are busy with woodcock, snipe, duck and pheasant for the shotgun.


Islay Estates has a range of fishing available.

Numerous lochs provide the intrepid fisherman with the opportunity to catch wild brown trout. Many of the lochs are accessible from the road; others are set high in the hills and can be reached by foot or all-terrain vehicle with a guide. Two of our lochs, Gorm and Finalaggan, were venues for the European Fly-Fishing Championships and can provide great quality sport throughout the season. Boats are available on request.

Islay Estate’s highland ground offers the ultimate stalking experience.

Stalkers can revel in panoramic views of the surrounding Hebrides, which are dotted around Scotland’s wild Atlantic Coast. Islay’s mild climate and rich grazing make for some of the healthiest roe and red deer in Scotland. We cull only the old and infirm to ensure a healthy herd that supports the Island ecosystem. All deer culled start on the hill and end on the plate.
Photo by Jakob Smith

Islay’s thick woodland and open ground makes for exciting and varied shooting.

The island is noted for its abundance of woodcock, one of the most challenging gamebirds. In addition, there are pheasant, snipe, duck, and geese. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a truly unique shooting experience.
Photo by Jakob Smith

A stay at the Hotel also gives you access to Islay Estates’ famously fertile trout fishing.

Boats can be reserved on several lochs, or if you would like some bank fishing, this can be arranged at favourable rates. Your trout can even be cooked in the hotel for you. More information can be found here.
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